Dr. Charisse Faye Patilano

Calm approach, providing detailed treatment plans and education.

Carla Gonçalves

Dr. Charisse Patilano gave me a new reason to smile 🙂 She was so careful, considerate and thorough with her work. She made sure my veneer was perfect in every aspect! She talked me through the procedure, made sure I wasn’t feeling any discomfort and was very meticulous. I’m really happy!!! Thank you Dr. Charisse!!

Jeremy Manalastas

I am impressed on how clean the facility is as well as implementing the latest approach in terms of technology. I highly recommend Dr. Charisse. She has the lightest hand ever cause you will not feel those pressures after the procedure. Good job and keep impressing us.

Akemie Honcada

Dr. Charisse is the best doctor. She will explain the details before doing any procedure. Customer satisfaction no question. It is superb! Highly recommended!